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The Elysium Honey Co. Virginia Piedmont Wildflower Honey

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Harvested in and around Albemarle County in the Virginia Piedmont, this lovely multi-floral honey is a true testament to honoring native wildflower and pollinator habitats. Contributing to this lovely expression are Crimson Clover, Tulip Poplar, Cherry, Blackberry, Black Locust, Goldenrod, Native Sunflowers, Ironweed, Buckwheat, Brassica, Milkweed, Sunflower, Black and Brown Eyed Susans, Wild Bergamot, Purple Coneflower, Blue Lobelia, Elderberry, Silky Dogwood, Winterberry Holly, Devil’s Walking stick and more. 

  • 11 oz. jar
  • More varieties available: Sulla, Acacia, Sourwood, Honeydew, Citrus Blossom, Tulip Poplar & Provencal Lavender
  • VA Piedmont Wildflower is also available in Mini Honey Tasting Gift Set which includes 8 1.5 oz. jars of Elysium's best-selling honeys

Contact to purchase other flavors in 11 oz. jars or to purchase the Mini Gift Set.