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Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Garment Folder S

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An ultra-light packing solution that weighs only 7 oz and is super-durable, stain and water-repellant. This translucent fabric is the same fabric used for lightweight tents and backpacks.  The Pack-It Specter Folder S holds up to 7 items and fits in most carry-on bags. Part of Eagle Creek’s Pack-It System, these packing folder travel organizers work together with packing cubes, sacs and toiletry kits to help you get more into less space and organize your travel bag.
  • Take more clothes in less space
  • Ultra-lightweight material allows for visibility of contents
  • Quick grab handle
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Comes with a helpful folding instruction board
  • Fits in a carry-on sized bag
  • Washable
  • Water-resistant and anti-staining properties
  • 13" X 9"
  • 7 oz