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Lewis N Clark Travel Door Alarm

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When you're in a new place, an added measure of protection can give you peace of mind to sleep better at night, even if you've locked the door. This reliable and powerful alarm will give you that - whether you're traveling or staying at home. With a motion sensor that triggers the alarm when someone has opened the door, it can be used in college dorm rooms, at hotels and hostels, or even at home. With two lithium button cell batteries included, it comes fully operational and ready to use. The sound intensity level of 91dB is loud enough to hear throughout the room and will startle the intruder.

  • Loud, high-pitched 91dB alarm
  • Use on hotel or dorm room doors as an added safety measure
  • Simple to put in or take out of door or window as needed
  • Embedded flashlight to navigate in the darkness
  • Includes two CR2032 lithium button cell batteries
  • 5"x 1.5"x 1"