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Lewis N Clark TSA Mini Brass Padlock

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This mini padlock with brass and steel construction is TSA-approved and ready to protect your luggage even when checked. Made with brass and steel materials, as well as ABS plastic casing, this compact lock can take a beating, even if it's going through the conveyor belt for screening or being thrown into the cargo hold of an airplane. Not only does it help to ensure that all your travel essentials are safe, but in the case that your luggage needs to be inspected by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) staff, this lock allows them to open your bag without having to cut the lock off. 

Each lock comes with an extra key in case you lose the first one or want to carry a pair of them with you on your journeys. 

  • Classic design with brass and steel construction
  • ABS plastic casing
  • Two keys per padlock
  • 1.5" x 1" x 1"