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The Elysium Honey Co. Appalachian Sourwood Honey

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Every summer in the lower Appalachian mountains, beekeepers are ready to capture one of the most highly sought after mono-floral honeys in the world, Sourwood honey. The Sourwood tree blooms in late June through July, during a period when few other flowers are blooming. Bees are attracted to the highly fragrant blossoms, clusters of bell-shaped flowers reminiscent of Lily-of-the-Valley. Prized by connoisseurs and honey purists worldwide, Sourwood honey is often in short supply. The blooming season is just 25 days. Taste is complex, intensely spicy, with anise, clove, cinnamon, and aromatic notes.

  • 11 oz. jar
  • More varieties available: Sulla, Acacia, Tulip Poplar, Honeydew, Citrus Blossom, VA Wildflower, & Provencal Lavender
  • Sourwood is also available in Mini Honey Tasting Gift Set which includes 8 1.5 oz jars of Elysium's best-selling honeys