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The Elysium Honey Co. Italian Sulla Honey

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"Sulla is my favorite, though it's probably the most subtle of all the Elysium Honey varietals. I love it spread on a crisp piece of toast in the morning. It's delicious."  - Julie Arbelaez, Chief Frog

Sulla is a perennial herb in the pea family, a native of southern Italy. It is cultivated for animal fodder and hay, but can also be found growing wild on uncultivated grounds, flowering in May and June. Tasting notes include a floral scent, herbal notes of straw, dry grass, green string beans, fresh walnuts, elements of fruit, dates, fresh dairy. This honey has a moderately sweet taste with subtle acidity, slightly persistent.

  • 11 oz. jar
  • More varieties available: Sourwood, Acacia, Tulip Poplar, Honeydew, VA Wildflower, Citrus Blossom & Provencal Lavender
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