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Travelon CLEAN 4 Shoe Covers

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Packed with peace of mind and science. Woven with SILVADUR – intelligent antimicrobial technology that inhibits the spread of microbes on fabric. Ultra-lightweight, and layered with our signature water-resistant coating creating a droplet barrier. The CLEAN Set of 4 Shoe Covers’ antimicrobial is certified by globally recognized organizations including, OEKO-TEX and Bluesign, for textile safety and sustainability. With Travelon CLEAN products you can take on the day with peace of mind and good science.

• Ideal for athletes shoes, golfers, travelers, work shoes, runners and hikers

• Fits 2 pairs of shoes in 4 individual shoe covers with drawstring closures

• Keeps dirty shoes separated and cleans them of microbes that are picked up on the way

• Wipes clean

• Fits largest size 12 men’s shoes

• Highly durable, odor free and is as effective on day one as throughout the life of the product