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Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set

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Garment Folders and packing Cubes have started an organizational packing revolution. Use the Garment Folder L to transport your more wrinkle-prone items and arrive looking sharp, and packing cubes are great for organizing the rest of your clothes. These three lightweight organizers will fit in any carry-on bag.

  • The Pack-It Starter Set includes:
    • One Pack-It Reveal Folder L, use to minimize wrinkles when packing up to 12 nicer items like dress shirts, business slacks, jackets and dresses
    • One Pack-It Isolate Cube M, great for packing jeans, leggings, shirts, and outerwear
    • One Pack-It Isolate Cube S, use to pack underwear, night clothes, and undergarments
  • Washable and water-resistant (hand wash the folding board)
  • Organizers sport top handles for easy carry
  • Resilient self-repairing zippers
  • Treated with Protx2, an anti-microbial agent formulated to combat harmful, odor-causing bacteria, for effective long-lasting odor protection
  • Easy-grab climbing rope-inspired cord pullers add an adventurous aesthetic
  • Dimensions: Reveal Folder L: 17.75" x 12.5"
    Isolate Cube S: 7.25" x 10" x 3.25"
    Isolate Cube M: 10" x 14.25" x 3.25"
  • Capacity: Reveal Folder L: 8-12 pants or shirts 
    Isolate Cube: 7 L 
    Isolate Cube M: 13 L