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Aloha Collection Mid Waterproof Travel Pouch

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Step up your style with the Sand Day Palms Pouch by Aloha. Originally inspired by lazy afternoons spent under palm shadows, let this elevated colorway transport you to strolling the town under a warm tropical sun.

  • Pack your toiletries and keep your suitcase leak-free
  • Made out of a special technical material to protect stuff against splashes, spills, and weather while you go from point A to point B
  • The perfect companion for your beach tote, stash your sunscreen and tanning oil, or wet bikini in a mid-size pouch to keep your wet stuff separate
  • Use as a full-size clutch from beach to bar
  • Made of 100% Tyvek 
  • 11.5" x 2" x 8.5"