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Eagle Creek Pack It Isolate Sac Set XS/S/M

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Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Isolate Sacs are essential for travel organization. Keep smaller accessories together and easy to find in your luggage or backpack. This set offers Pack-It Sacs in three sizes for all your organizational needs, plus the bonus of Protx2 antimicrobial treatment to keep your organizers as clean as can be.

  • The Pack-It Isolate Sac Set XS/S/M includes:
    • One Pack-It Isolate Sac Extra Small, use to keep your electronic accessories together
    • One Pack-It Isolate Sac Small, great for organizing your in-flight snacks, eye mask and more
    • One Pack-It Isolate Sac Medium, great for magazines, hairdryers, flat irons and shoes
  • Treated with Protx2, an anti-microbial agent formulated to combat harmful, odor-causing bacteria, for effective long-lasting odor protection
  • Washable and water-resistant
  • Constructed using a durable ultra-lightweight ripstop poly fabric
  • Self-repairing zipper features climbing rope inspired cord pullers
  • Translucent easy-to-see-through fabric provides quick ID of what’s inside
  • Triangle snap-hooks for quick attachment to duffel, backpack or other gear
  • CAPACITY - XS: 1.3 L, S: 3 M, L: 7 L
    S: 80 cu in | 1.3 L
    stong>M: 185 cu in | 3 L
    stong>L: 425 cu in | 7 L
  • XS: 8"x 6.25" S: 10" x 8.25" M: 14.25" x 10"